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Built almost 20 years ago!
Nielsen Residence
New construction
HInesburg, VT
Workhorse Construction
1544 Pond Road
Hinesburg, VT 05461

P: 802-862-3153

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"...we remain just as thrilled with the work he did as when he built the house almost 20 years ago!!"

-Sue Nielson, Hinesburg

more testimonials
Joe's ability to communicate a vision of the end result is the reason my renovation turned out so beautifully!
- Kathy H. 
"The workmanship was superior and the quality of the material was excellent just as you told us it would be." 
- Norman and Dale T. 
"All that you promised...was more than accomplished. The quality of materials, workmanship, and professionalism was greatly appreciated. It is the honesty and principles of Joe that allowed the above mentioned items to happen. Thank you once again. " - John and Priscilla E. 
"What was really satisfying is the fact that Joe never rejected my ideas. He listened, discussed the pros and cons, and made it easy to arrive at a decision. 
-Stanley T.
Joseph Peden, the builder, is on site, every day working 
side-by-side with his own crew and subcontractors and only works on one job at a time until completion.