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March 3, 20XX

36’x36’ Summer Camp
(as per drawings provided by client)

Building permits not yet included in price.
- X construction quoted $X,XXX for the concrete work, and $X,XXX for the excavation. Everything is included except the cost of the conduit for the wires, which is probably going to be about $XXX. So all told, his number for the entire excavation and concrete work, plus the trenches and conduit necessary, is $XX,XXX. This is soup to nuts, including footings, 5' high frost wall with built in ledger shelf to accept floor framing, poured slab with vapor barrier, and perimeter drains including filter fabric and stone. 

-Wood beams, engineered joists and spruce framing lumber, adequately sized to carry floor spans, as necessary for structural integrity. As per plans. 
- All floor joists 16" on center. 
- Solid bridging for lateral weight distribution as necessary. 
- 5/4" tongue and groove Advantec flooring plywood, nailed, glued and screwed, as specified for first floor. 2nd floor built with 2x6 tongue and groove red pine, presently unfinished.

- Foam sill seal around entire addition.
- Pressure treated 2X6 base plate bolted to foundation.
- 2X6 wall studs 16" on center. Includes sole plate and double top plates.
- Correctly sized structural headers for all openings.
- 1x6 tongue and groove pine sheathing installed over the wood studs to produce an interior camp look.
- 2� foam insulation covers entire building envelope.
- 1/2" CDX exterior plywood sheathing.

- Custom cut roof rafter, 16� on center
- Home to have 3 gable ends, and three shed dormers as per plans.
- 1x6 tongue and groove pine sheathing installed over the roof rafters to produce an interior look and feel of a camp.
- 2� foam insulation covering entire roof structure.
- Sheathed with 5/8" CDX plywood, nailed.
- 2X6 rough fascia boards.
- Soffit nailers, blocking and strapping as necessary to accept soffit material.
- 2X6 ceiling joists to act as structural collar ties. Ceiling joists include strong back support, as required.

- 25 (Twenty five) Anderson line aluminum clad double-hung wood window, or similarly priced alternate style, with insulated glass and screen. Sizes: approximately up to 90 united inches (length + width) each.
- The outside trim will be capped with custom-bent maintenance free aluminum trim. The price of inside trim of windows is included under trim heading.
- Total window allowance is $XX,XXX

- One 3’0�x6’8� Feberglass insulated entry door, with ½ glass and all necessary hardware.
Allowance of $XXX
- One 6’ Patio door, allowance of $X,XXX
- Two 9’ patio doors, allowance of $X,XXX each=$X,XXX for 2.
- Eleven interior solid six panel passage doors of varying sizes, with all necessary hardware, as shown in plan. Includes pocket door build-up.

- Completely cover new home with 15# felt paper. All seams overlapped correctly.
- Completely side entire home with Maibec Premium White Cedar Shingles, resquared and rebutted.
- Factory dipped at the factory in a stain of customers choosing, from available palate.
- 50-year warranty against wood decay.
- Shingles to be weaved together at corners, as per drawings.
- 5/4 Pre-primed pine window and door trim, and blocks under all fixtures, as applicable.
- Fascia boards are 1x6 pre-primed pine.
- Soffit is 3/8� AC plywood, unless otherwise noted. 

- Installation of 8" painted drip edge around entire perimeter of new home.
- Completely cover new addition with 15# felt paper.
- Completely cover new home with IKO brand, Cambridge series 30-year laminated asphalt shingles, in customers’ choice of available colors.
- All flashing as necessary.
- Quote presently includes covering entire roof surface with ice and water shield membrane.
- Low slope areas, such as in front of lake side dormer, will be detailed with low slope specific rubber membrane roofing, minimum of 50 mil.

- Walls R-10 rigid
- Ceiling R-10 rigid.

- All interior walls will have one side covered with 1x6 tongue and groove pine.

- Addition to have 31/4" colonial style baseboards around entire perimeter, unless otherwise noted.
- All windows and doors cased with colonial pine casing..

- Electricity and lighting allowances and details:

Meter Box/meter $ XXX
Wire from meter box to pole $ XXX
Conduit from meter box to pole (in excavator number) $ XXX
150 Amp panel $ XXX
Outlets 45@ $XX $X,XXX
Switches 30@ $XX $X,XXX
Lights 20@ $XX (inexpensive surface mounted) $ XXX
Recessed lights(cans) 8 @$XX $ XXX
Exterior motion fixtures/outlets $ XXX
Range 220v Not required $ 000
Disposal $ XX
Dryer 220 Not required(?) $ XXX
Exhaust fans, typical $ XXX ($XXX allowance for both fans/lights)
GFCI's (5) $ XXX
Waterheater/Ignitors $ XX

  Total electrical= labor and materials, as per above $X,XXX

Electrical fixture allowance, excluding cans and fans in existing estimate. Typically, chandaliers, sconces, pendant lighting, extraordinary fixtures $X,XXX

Complete Electrical Package = $X,XXX

- Not yet included. 

BATHROOMS, KITCHEN & LAUNDRY – fixtures and plumbing 
-The plumbing details as follows:


  Kitchen sink $XXX
  Kitchen sink faucet $XXX  
  Ice maker $ XX
1st Floor 1/2 bath:
  Toilet $XXX
  Tank and seat $XXX
  Sink $XXX
  Sink faucet $XXX

1st Floor 3/4 bath:
  Toilet $XXX
  Tank and seat $XXX
  Sink $XXX
  Sink faucet $XXX
  Shower unit $XXX
  Shower faucet/head $XXX

 2nd Floor bathroom:
  Toilet $XXX
  Tank and seat $XXX
  Tub/Shower unit $XXX
  Shower faucet/head $XXX
  Sink $XXX
  Sink faucet $XXX
  Total plumbing fixture allowances $X,XXX

Plumbing labor and materials charges as follows:
  Kitchen $ XXX
  1/2 bath $ XXX
  3/4 bath $X,XXX
  2nd floor bath $X,XXX
  W+D hook-up $ XXX
  Dishwasher included
  Exterior hose hook-ups included (2)
  Future exterior shower supply and drain leads included, stubbed in crawlspace by back wall.

  Total plumbing labor with materials $X,XXX

Plumbing complete package = $X,XXX

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