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If you are thinking of using the EARTH as a part of your technique for conserving energy like the house above, Earth Shelter Technology, Inc. out of Minnesota has put together 25 good reasons why it's a good idea.  Check it out on their website here
Build It Solar is an awesome site with an abundance of links and resources if you're considering building anything SOLAR.
Passive and Energy Efficient Home Building
Energy Efficient Home Building Utilizing THE SUN (SOLAR)
Energy Efficient Home Building utilizing the EARTH
Passive home building originated in Germany.  The overall objective is to reduce energy consumption. Key components of a true passive home include:
  • Superinsulation
  • Advanced window technology (high R-value by combining triple-panes, insulated low-e glazing, low emissivity coating, sealed argon or krypton gas, airseals and specially developed thermally broken window frames)
  • Extremely airtight compared to conventional construction
  • Passive methods of natural ventilation are used 
  • Often earth warming tubes are utilized and more.
The above drawing reflects characteristics of a Passive Home
Another good resource on Passive Homes can be found at the Passive House Institute US website
Joseph Peden, the builder, is on site, every day working 
side-by-side with his own crew and subcontractors and only works on one job at a time until completion.
 Wikipedia is a good resource for more information or Google it.