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Workhorse Construction
For more information about Modular Building, [courtesy of Preferred Building Systems (they build excellent modular boxes)], the National Home Builders Association and the Modular Building Systems Council has created an informative brochure that can help answer any questions you may have about this type of construction - download their pdf file here
Modular - an amazing way to build!
Workhorse was responsible for all the site work for this project from building permits, to excavation (clearing trees, foundation, septic), to well drilling, to having power/cable/telephone brought to the site, to building the foundation and eventually, final completion.
Joseph used a very innovative product for the foundation, which is pictured above. This is an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) where the concrete is sandwiched between the insulated foam creating an insulating value of between R-28 abd R-50. Google it - there's tons of products such as this being made. It takes more work initially but saves a ton on heat. In addition, the outside walls are ready for siding and the inside walls are ready for sheetrock (that's right, you do not need to install 2x4's to finish the basement walls!).
 It only takes weeks to finish the detail work: 

  • marriage walls (where the boxes come together) are fastened and sheetrocked or trimmed in wood;
  • custom items are completed by Workhorse Construction;
  • outside front stairs are built;
  • sometimes a deck or front porch is built;
  • a furnace is installed (think high energy efficiency when choosing one);
  • the plumber connects the plumbing; 
  • electrical wires are connected to the electrical box; 
  • if a well was installed, the water is tested; 
  • the septic is connected;
  • stairs are built to the basement (if there is one); 
  • flooring (carpet, tile, hardwood, etc.) is installed; 
  • finally, a certificate of occupancy is obtained and you can move in!
This particular client bought a cape with an unfinished second floor, which he decided to have us finish...
Walls went up to his specifications...
Windows were installed...
In the end, we also built him an oversized two-car garage with a walk up second floor for storage and a breezeway to connect the house to the garage (photo pending)
Pictured above is one of the boxes in transport for a new home. This particular box was for a cape with an unfinished second floor and the overall project included 4 boxes.  

The house goes up in one day.  Obviously, you need a good day of weather (good luck in Vermont :)  because the house needs to be watertight before nightfall. Consider the lumber has never been exposed to the elements because the boxes were put together in a factory. But then any house should not be exposed to the elements when it has sheetrocked walls and finish work inside.

Nonetheless, a lot of work for one day. 

But at the end of the day you have a house! Well - almost!
Joseph Peden, the builder, is on site, every day working 
side-by-side with his own crew and subcontractors and only works on one job at a time until completion.