Checklist for Choosing a Builder
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Workhorse Construction
Is the company small enough that you will be able to deal directly with the owner? 
Is the contractor easy to contact? How quickly has he returned phone calls? 
Did he provide his estimate when he said he would? 
Did the contractor show pictures of previous work? (Click here to see our portfolio
Is proof of insurance documentation available? 
Does the contractor have a flexible nature?
Does the contractor provide testimonials (click here to view testimonials
Is the contractor on time for appointments?
Does the contractor work with licensed subcontractors who carry their own insurance? 
Does the contractor subscribe to and READ any professional trade publications? If so, which ones? (Click here for the publications Joe reads) 
Is the contractor local?Joe is a third generation Vermonter. 
Does the contractor have a reputation for being neat? 
Do they have a standard of cleaning up a site every day? (Ask for references) 
Will the contractor supply you with a "Release from Payment" form to protect you from any obligation to subcontractors and suppliers? 
Does the contractor supply warranties for workmanship? And warranties from manufacturers? 
Will the contractor stay and complete your project before leaving to start another? 
How many years in the industry does the Master Carpenter have? (Joe has 24 years experience.). 
Does the contractor supply you with a detailed list of all work that will be completed including specified materials? Click here to view a sample spec list
Does the contractor supply you with list of references with thorough contact information?

If you have other ideas to add to our list, contact us! Thank you!
Workhorse Construction
Joseph Peden, the builder, is on site, every day working 
side-by-side with his own crew and subcontractors and only works on one job at a time until completion.